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This is the final edition of The Zen Millennium Peace Magazine. SPA was established to bring a message of peace over the transition from one millennium to another. Such a message is now complete.

SPA has now been disbanded and this has been a release for those involved and they return to silence.

Peace starts with the individual. If every person loved others as they love themselves then peace would be an established fact of life. One day this will happen, until it does peace lovers must continue - to tell the message, to love far and wide and to await with tolerance and patience.

SPA wishes all - Peace


Today is all there is: the past is memory; the future is anticipation; only the present is experience. Today is the "the eternal here and now" of life, of our existence, and therefore:

Today I live as though I had never lived before. I see everything with new eyes and a fresh inspiration.
I am not a victim of yesterday's experience or tomorrow's promise.
I live in the fullness of the now. I think about the creative potential within me. I accept my destiny as a forward movement of life.

The one reality expresses itself in me and my world of activity. I embrace this day of challenge with enthusiasm and joy. I expect the best, receive the best, give the best.
My life is one of self-acceptance, self appreciation, and self-expression.
It is God made manifest by means of me - and I am glad and rejoice that it is so. Gloria in excelsis deo.

Jon Gleur

..... and on the journey of self to Self .... Through the Gateway ......


My love in the town is in the home, wherein lies my foundation.
My love in the wilderness is in each grain of sand running through my fingers.
My love in the river is the water caressing the bank as it speeds on its own limited way.
My love in the yellow field, the soil which nurtures others as they feed from the fruits grown there.
My love in the grasslands beams like a beacon calling those to me who wish to learn of themselves.
My love in the woods is the renewal of springtime and the wind through the leaves as it speaks to me of love.
My love on the abyss is the fear that drives me on to love my fellow man.
My love in the lake is the silence that all who love undertake in order to serve their fellow man.
My love on the rocky plateau is in the fire of God that purifies.
My love on the top of the mountain is in the cross that I serve and which in turn serves me.

KEW - Knowledge, Experience, Wisdom.

--- This issue includes contributions by ---

Jean-Paul Sartre, Paul McCartney, St. Columba, Montaigne, B.Pascal, Quentin Crisp, Plato, John H. Newman and many others.

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