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Lux in Tenebris

Be in Peace


Be in peace my child. I say unto you and say unto everyone "You have done no wrong." All is God. All is God. All is God. You never left home. You think you left home? I say nay. It was not done. Time is an illusion. Place is an illusion. I am with you - you are with me. Lo, we are one. Do not listen to your mind my child - listen to your heart where you know we are one... We are one.

You shall find peace because you are peace. I say unto you, "You will come home". You will come home and what will astonish you my child is that you shall see that you never left home. Ha!

The paradox! This is the greatest paradox, the original paradox. When you return home, soon, you will see that you never left home.

Gently let go now. Loose the shackles of the old. Prepare to give up the past and release the identity and your cells will start a new vibration. The cells of your body will start a new dance and you will dance with the cosmos. Fear not your fear. The past is past. Relax your breath. I love you and trust you. How could it be otherwise, my friend, for you and I are one. I say unto you - "You and I are one".

Attaining Peace of Mind

When we become conscious of our existence as an idea in the Mind of God, we shall find that we are walking in pathways of peace; that something within us acts like a magnet to attract that which belongs to itself. This something is Love, the supreme impulsion of the universe. I now declare, therefore, that at the centre of my being is Peace.
In this Peace that holds me so gently I feel strength and protection from all fear, all anxiety. It is the Peace of God, and, underneath it all, I feel the Love of the Infinite Spirit of all life. I know that I have no existence apart from this Love. As I become more conscious of this Love, all lack, all doubt, all that is false slips away as the mists fade in the morning sunshine.
I am one with deep, abiding Peace. I know that all is well. I know that as I now permit this Peace to flow through my mind and heart, every problem is released. The way is made clear before me and it is filled with joy and harmony. Today I permit my mental house to be at peace. I know that my true home is in the loving source of my origin, and here I consciously abide. Peace is the loving atmosphere of my eternal home. My Mind is at rest, at peace, filled with the soft radiance of Self-realisation and Oneness with Truth. And so it is.

--- This issue includes contributions by ---

Donald Soper, Desmond Tutu, Peter Ustinof,Aldous Huxley, Oscar Wilde, Edmund Burke and many others.

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