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Lux in Tenebris

Once Upon A Time God said to all creation: "Now everything is running smoothly, I think I'll take a little holiday. Who will look after things while I'm away?" The gods blanched at the responsibility. They look uncertainly at each other, twiddling their fingers and coughing a little self-conciously. The devas and angelic beings all shuffled their feet and looked elsewhere, trying to hum. Suddenly up piped Man, who said , "Go on Gaffer! We can manage things all right, don't you worry!" So off went God and Man began to shape his own destiny. And since then God has never been allowed another chance.

Man still imagine he is in charge of the world. But for some reason it's not working out so well. He surveys his handiwork and sees the endless wars and riots, the graft and inequality, the corruption of those in power, the mindless racism, the exploitation and rape of the earth, the famine and suffering and suppression of peoples and the ever present threat of total annihilation. He is not altogether impressed.

--- This issue includes contributions by ---

Albert Einstein, John F Kennedy, The Dalai Lama, Teilhard de Chardin, Confucius, Woodrow Wilson, Dick Shepherd and many others.

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