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Picture of a lake

The sun sets quickly on mountain lakes,
and the scholars, like beauty,
grow old too fast
Loy Ching-Yuen

Yesterday is a cancelled cheque; Tomorrow is a promissory note.
Today is cash in hand; spend it wisely.
Take risks; If you win, you will be happy, if you lose you will be wise.

We need to forgive and be forgiven:
We need to accept and be accepted:
We need to love and be loved:
These things can happen,
How about you?

Always long and pray,
That the will of God may be
Fully realised in your life.
You will find that
The man who does this,
Walks in the land
of peace and quietness.
Thomas A Kempis

May the inner peace become the outer peace.

God offers to every mind,
Its choice between Truth and repose,
Take which you please,
You can never have both.

For all we know we may never meet again,
Before you go, make this moment sweet again,
We won't say goodnight until the last minute,
I'll hold out my hand and my heart will be in it,
For all we know, this may only be a dream,
We come and go, like ripples on a stream,
So love me tonight, tomorrow was made for some,
Tomorrow may never come, for all we know.

Peace means........

becoming still and silent: giving love and attention:
knowing yourself: living for the present:
making wise choices: practising forgiveness:
reflecting on beauty and truth: saying a prayer: ...

... seeing the funny side.

Philip Law.

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