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The Peacetime Peace Dictionary

The Rule of Law

The only basis for a future civilisation - indeed for any future at all - is the Rule of Law. Governments must come to recognise that the requirements of International Law always transcend those of National Law.

Although there should be sanctions for violating international law and a way of enforcing the judgments of the International Court of Justice the best guarantee that international law will be observed is in the opprobrium which a violator attracts. The best international law is consensus law, its strength depending on commitment to peaceful change, respect for legality, and desire of nations and sub-national groups to seek non-violent solutions to conflicts. The Nuremberg Principles and Obligations commit all individuals and groups to honour international law in war and peace, as a legal and moral duty.

The Rule of Law may be considered one option World Federalists recognise as types of World governance. The options being - rule of force, rule of custom, rule of law and rule of love. The last option thought preferable but also thought to be a little further down the "Road of Toleration".

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