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The Cole Peace Charter, 1947

The way forward I regard as involving the following:-

1 A respect for the individual, as a person with a right to his own judgment and his own choice of interests and activities, within the general framework of a state system designed to safeguard personal liberty, and not to subordinate the individual to the State more than is necessary in order to safeguard the liberty and welfare of others.
2 Toleration of difference, in both habits and opinions, up to the very limit of which such toleration is consistent with the preservation of the national way of life.
3 Free speech, and freedom of writing and association, including the freedom to criticise Government, up to the same limit.
4 The practice of settling policies and programmes by free discussion and of considering the claims of minorities to the fullest extent that can be consistent with the adoption of the essentials of the of the majority view.
5 Free elections, so conducted as to give minorities a reasonable chance of representation, not necessarily in proportions to their numbers, but to the fullest extent that can be squared with the need for strong and coherent government.
6 Social behaviour which is designed not to carry political or religious differences into everyday life, so as to prevent friendly social intercourse between those holding different views.
7 The pursuit of welfare and social security as conscious political and economic objectives, on the basis of recognising every persons right to an assured minimum standard of life.
8 An education system designed to give every child a chance of becoming a tolerably well-equipped human being, capable of active citizenship and of a satisfactorily rounded personal and family life
9 Legal safeguards, where necessary against the Government, for the individual in his enjoyment of the rights accorded to him under the law in accordance with the forgoing principles.
10 A belief in morality, as binding upon States as well as on private persons, and as the necessary foundation of sound relations between as well as within national communities.

G.D.H. Cole (1947)

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