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We are living under the domination of the cultural legacies of times long past. The principle of national sovereignty is one of them; It derives from our ancestral concept of sacred territory to be defended at all costs. The grotesque and paranoid belief that our legitimate aspirations to security can be satisfied by ever more deadly armaments is another such relic. Aurelio Peccei Jaw-jaw is better than war-war. Harold Macmillan Peace in the world requires justice in the world. Julius K. Nyerere War is not a legitimate way of settling International disputes. Lord Cecil Anger is a brief lunacy. Horace Let not the sun go down upon your wrath. New Testament World problems should be settled by International agreements and the application of International law. Linus Pauling All living beings hate pain; therefore do not injure them or kill them. This is the essence of wisdom: not to kill anything. Sutra Krit-anga Violence is the policy of barbarians; non-violence is the policy of men. Gandhi If you want to make peace don't talk to your friends, you talk to your enemies. Moshe Dayan A hungry stomach has no ears. Jean de la Fontaine Mourning should cease when grief is past. Confucius No power should be above the laws. Cicero War is a contagion. F.D. Roosevelt War is not an adventure. It is a disease. Antoine de Saint-Exupery There is no real victory in wars. They kill so many people and destroy so much. Kim Ren Ok War violates the order of nature and causes parents to bury their children. Herodotus Science is telling us that we must have no lesser unit than the world. It is because we have been thinking in the outworn language of non-inclusion that disaster has overtaken us, for no country can live to itself alone, any more than the hand or foot can live alone. Ruth Fry A strong case can be made for the proposition that war is essentially a phenomenon of the age of civilisation and that it is inappropriate both to pre-civilized and post civilized societies. It represents an interlude in man's development dated 3000 B.C. to say 2000 A.D. Kenneth Boulding I can find peace wherever I am. I'm always surprised where I find God. Carol God shall The results of war are always identical, however good the intentions of the war makers and however 'collective' their actions. People are slaughtered and a passionate sense of wrong and a desire for vengeance are created in the survivors - feelings which make yet further wars inevitable. Aldous Huxley If the masses in all lands would refuse to manufacture arms there would be no war. George Lansbury The pioneers of a warless world are the young men who refuse military service. Albert Einstein Its always the old to lead us to war, its always the young to fall. Phil Ochs

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