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Sammy Squirrel

Sammy says; I've just got a letter from my local statesman and he wants to know when I'm going to pay up so I can be defended. He tells me we need some money to pay for the fighters, we need some money to buy all the weapons and the ammunition, we need some money to train people to kill, we need some money to buy landmines and to get people to plant them in the ground and then to reclaim them later if they are not used, we need some money to buy fancy uniforms and war memorials. And so we all end up paying for weapons, for war, for destruction, for death,for suffering, you pay. Perhaps it's time you humans stopped paying and started thinking.

Youth's for an hour
Beauty's a flower
But Love is the jewel
That wins The World
Waves of Peace

Carefully listen as dusk arrives
To the quiet song of the sea
Listen to the waves as they whisper
They have something to say to thee -

" Children walk ahead where your parents don't dare
Born to be arrows of peace
To dance where all hope's buried
To bring light where there's sorrow and disease

You have got the key to tomorrow
You are the ones who still can feel
Use this power with wisdom
Use this power to heal

Join your hands and you'll be strong
Like a restless river you will flow
Just like us, the waves, you will sweep ashore
And the truth in your voice will glow

Don't be afraid, don't lose your faith
Wherever your heart leads you
There are no walls, no limits remain
When you believe in what you do. "
Mia Bjorkuist, aged 19, Finland

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