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Sammy Squirrel

SAMMY SAYS.... I often think when I see people wander through the woods - What's all the fuss about? The world is fine, everything is as it should be. The woods tells us A Natural Balance always exists. New things are born; Old things suffer death (but only to create further growth). All is well, Nothing is wasted and The Great Chain of Life goes on.

God is in His Universe and all is well with the World. So I say to you "If you want a little peace" come into the woods and see me on a summers day, and learn the lesson of the woods - Harmony and Tranquillity, Equilibrium and Balance, Activity and Change, then go with the flow, accept and be thankful, and enjoy being in The Now.
And remember as you pass the churchyard
Nothing lasts forever.

Why not join Mankinds March for peace ?

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