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The Peace Of The Infinite.

The right thinking philosophy; is practical, and one of its most helpful teachings is that there is a higher mental realm into which, after a little practice, one can climb. Furthermore, it is accessible to all who will persevere. With practice one can retire into this higher realm and look down, as it were, with unconcern, upon the fever of life.
In this upper strata of consciousness one is entirely freed from all worry, disappointments, grief and fear, or whatever it is that seeks to mar the life and disturb the mind. From this height one sees all the ambitions, greed and selfishness of the material life in their true perspective. One sees things in the light of Eternity, one sees from the universal standpoint and this cleanses the mind from every care and trouble, and enables one to enter into perfect Peace.
Anyone untrained who, after reading these words, tries to enter into this higher mental realm, will find it impossible. This is due to lack of thought-control and concentration that one can dismiss all worrying thoughts and enter the realm of perfect peace and calm.

It must be pointed out, however, that in addition to thought-control, it is necessary to adjust the life into harmony with the laws which govern the universe. Students are shown how to cast out fear, and adopt an attitude of mind towards life which is in harmony with the purpose of the Divine Scheme. When the right mental attitude is attained to, the student comes into harmony with the whole object and purpose of life: he enters into union with God: he thinks with God; he enters into Divine Consciousness; he abides continually in the peace of The Infinite.


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