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K.E.W. for Peace


Tony Greenslade

Sit or kneel, in a yoga or oriental pose in a chair with the spine upright. Allow the breath to open the body by allowing yourself to progressively relax. Shortly you will become aware that you are breathing deeply. On an in-breath raise your arms so that the hands are in the prayer position. As the out-breath starts, gently sound Sooh, move the arms in a circular direction so that the arms are outstretched to the sides palms out just as the breath ends. On the in-breath return the hands to the prayer position. Repeat for an odd number of times.

There is nothing quite so hope inducing as the sight of a new born child. As it lies there it talks to us in a language we do not recognise but more importantly we talk the same language. The baby talks in "Gut sounds", sounds straight from the instincts, untouched by the brain. Adults still make the sounds the instinctive ooh's and ah's as we watch sport or a firework display or when we hit our thumb with a hammer. The baby gestures with an almost micro body language and so do we. These gestures and sounds are involuntary as are their recognition.

In the adult involuntary exclamations are followed by verbal explanation as the mind tries to reassert control while our recognition of the involuntary signals are drowned by the verbiage of the mind. If we are annoyed the child knows. When it disturbs our life and we have an almost murderous intention towards it, it knows and it's no good mouthing verbal platitudes. We have first to restore our balance, our inner peace, our love and our compassion. Then our involuntary signals will assure the child.

So how do we restore the balance? We treat ourselves by imitating the gut sounds and gestures, we listen to balancing music, we visualise peaceful colours and situations. We do not have to verbalise to the child. It knows. Shortly he will learn to speak and sadly will be able to lie and be confused by lies but for now all he communicates is truth and all he senses is truth.

The study of colour and sounds is complex, but easy. Blue is a colour which actually allows our skin to expand so we feel unchallenged. Shalom can be an example of sounds: The "Sh" gently driving away disturbance; "Ah" expressing continuing wonder, "L" bringing it into the form of "Om", the divine (or "o"initiating energy connected to "m", heaven). In our exercise we sent peace out into the world. We can do this, for giving of our peace we increase it.

So "soo(t)h" the child within and calm the world without.

We have the same sounds preserved in British regional phases such as "Ee" by "Eck", but that quite another story,so for now, "Shalom"

Tony Greenslade

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