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For Security

Life is the outpouring of Good from potential into experience. The one Life out of which all life evolves is the only infallible source of real and permanent security. I know that whatever I set about to do has a good result.
My spiritual security ensures the manifestation of all my needs and expectations. I plan my personal activities from a consciousness that knows Mind is always successfully completing the ideas I think into it. I am safe and secure in a spiritual universe that is governed by spiritual law.
This law unerringly increases, expands and fulfils all ideas impressed on it with the energy of love and absolute belief. Therefore is complete reliance I can trustingly accept greater ways of living, new avenues of expression, increases in supple and joyful relationships. All my experiences of good come from the security of a universal Mind that is complete in itself and knows only to give.
In this assumption, I confidently live my life always, under all conditions or circumstances unshakeably secure. For this I am grateful, joyous and at peace.

Jon Gleur

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