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The Path to Peace

The big question is: How can today's world, with all its problems, be changed from conflict to co-operation?

World order can be founded only if we really believe in our hearts that we are all brothers and sisters of the family of man. This is something that science, whether psychology, physiology, or anthropology, agrees with.
Believing that we are all one human family requires one to get rid of all prejudice. The oneness of humanity should be taught in schools and proclaimed everywhere since getting rid of prejudice is fundamental to peace.

Once we realise in our hearts that we are all brothers and sisters, we will be able to work together. We will want to have a world level government, and many other things that a world working together could make use of.

Just because we work together does not mean we have to be the same. Just as there is room for different cultures within our nation, there will be room for different national characteristics within a united world. We can be like different notes of the same chord different but in harmony.

The Universal House of Justice
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