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Sammy Squirrel

Sammy says PEACE, PEACE, PEACE ... everybody wants peace. The United Nations, they peace. The individual nations have signed the United Nations Charter and they want peace. The B.B.C. they want peace and want to spread the word of peace, so they too want peace. The churches want peace - it's in the scriptures. The trade unions, they want peace so they can be free and able to create wealth. The businessmen, they want peace so that they can trade worldwide and create wealth. The Tourists, they want peace and there's a lot of tourists about these days. The women want peace - I don't know one woman toting a gun, the children they want peace cause they want to grow up and enjoy being an adult.

All these want peace and peace is what we have most of the time. I just think its a shame so much money is spent on armaments and weapons and that when so many people want peace that a few people, those macho males aged between 14 and 34 years can fire a gun and then everybody seems to want to join in. Still I will leave you to it, it's much quieter in the woods and I have got some nuts to collect.

Kids Kartoon

What is it that everybody wants, few have, slips easily through your fingers and always keeps knocking on your door?


Why it's me, Sammy, not really, it's PEACE, of course.

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