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Pack Drill Training Cartoon
Forward Lads!!! with General Kommotion "General, General Sir. Is it true that you want us to take Hill 39 with just 20 men when there's over a hundred men defending it?"
"That's right, lads. I've every confidence in your training."
Living in a world turned upside down

(to the tune of Sing a Song of Sixpence)
Sing a song of War-Time,
Soldiers Marching by,
Crowds of people standing,
Waving them "Good-bye".
When the crowds are over,
Home we go to tea,
Bread and margarine to eat,
War economy!

Ev'ry body's doing
Something for the War,
Girls are doing things
They've never done before,
Go as 'bus conductors,
Drive a car or van,
All the world is topsy-turvy
Since the war began.

Nina MacDonald

White Rose Yet the rose has one powerful virtue to boast above all the flowers of the field.
When its leaves are all dead and the fine colors are lost.
Still how sweet a perfume it will yield.

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