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K.E.W. for Peace

Over the next few months, K.E.W. will be looking at peace and the reason we need peace..... War!

What is Peace? Surely more than the space between wars, or the mere absence of war.

Why do people go to war? It usually starts with a disagreement between two parties over territory, and its two companions, possession and greed. Is there anything in the world that you would go to war for? The offspring of these companions we can call self preservation and defence of the innocents.

Animals are possessive. They fight and growl, draw blood and intimidate, until one of them withdraws. The Humanimal does the same. Street Law is still the rule in many areas of the world , others are slightly more humane about it and fight their way through Law Courts hiring expensive solicitors, lawyers and barristers to ruin the other party. How many times do we read of men and women declaring war on their erstwhile spouses, determined to bring them to utter ruin because of a terrible wrong, real or imagined.

Taking these precepts as a starting point, we now look at what needs to be done to bring about a change of attitude within people so they no longer feel a need to hurt others to feel satisfied.

No one can do anything to anyone unless they let them. Think about it!

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