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K.E.W. for Peace

My Father who was an undertaker, used to say "There are no pockets in shrouds." When I used to help him make and prepare coffins I found this to be true - we literally come into this world with nothing and we leave the world with nothing - just think on that for a moment.

As we grow we, as arrogant humans, think we own everything. If we own everything then so does the next chap or woman and the fight is on to be bigger or stronger and own even more and more.

If humanimals who have a basic territorial instinct to back up their arrogance and greed could just stop for a moment, rise above their instincts and allow for the fact that man owns nothing then they can use that point of nothing to create a tremendous potential for both the individual human and the species of Homo Sapiens. If we can accept the fact that NO-ONE OWNS ANYTHING but can be guardians of everything then we can take responsibility for that which we sign for and vow to fulfil its potential for the good of all before someone else puts this signature in our place.

ALL belongs to ALL, on a physical, emotional and a mental level. There is no point in wasting energy fighting over anything

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