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Peace Testimony

When can it be said that you are truly at peace?

When can it be said that you are truly at peace? You are in a state of peace when you are at one with your Creator's Will. When you are in tune with the infinite you are at peace, and in order to be in tune with the infinite you have to be self-less, you have to become part of the one-ness of all life, you have to become at one with the Godhead.
If Humanity would but recognise its one-ness, its wholeness or holiness, there would be no need for war. If there were no political, financial or racial divisions there would be no war.

Recognise that it is the divisions which humanity creates that are the seeds of discontent, the seeds which lead to war. Consider in your own lives how often you are at war in your everyday relationships, not only with the people around you but with the other Kingdoms of Matter.

Be aware of how often you are not at one with the infinite, of how often you make war to get what you want, what you desire, what you wish to achieve, no matter what the cost to those around, to those who sacrifice to you. As you look back at Humanity's past wars you can see little has actually been gained though millions of people have died. Outwardly it may seem that one country has been prevented from taking over another country, a financial interest has been defended, an ideology has been preserved, but what of the country, that financial interest, that ideology, fifty years later? The countries that initiated the last World War have achieved many of the aims they sought military through other means.

The countries which were your enemies forty years ago are now your friends, those which were your friends are now your enemies. It is obvious, therefore, that the sides which oppose each other in war, the power structures, which conflict with each other, are human, temporal creations. It is not a question of right or wrong, of goodness or evil of one side being for God and the other being against God, for all is of God.

Those that make war are, therefore, in a sense, fulfilling the Divine plan.


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