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Inner Freedom & Peace

The question of spiritual development (increase in consciousness) cannot be ignored because it is dependent on inner freedom and peace.

There will be no lasting peace and no true freedom on a planetary scale unless individuals acquire that inner peace which surpasses all understanding and that inner freedom which, while allowing a man to remain himself, takes him out of himself towards the other.

Inner peace comes from self-knowledge (and all knowledge is at the service of being - we know more to be more) which recognises self as it is.

Self-knowledge must not be confused with morbid introspection: it is knowledge of this self situated in the world this self in its relationships.

Thus through humility and truth comes inner peace bringing self-possession in self - realisation.

Inner freedom is the power of self-determination in the face of the good. It drives a person to seek out the other for the others sake destroying egoism which is ultimately self-destructive.

It is therefore an error to imagine that world freedom and peace lie exclusively in the hands of governments and in the decisions of heads of state.
They lie in the hands and decisions of all of us together, as our consciousness of belonging to an ever-greater unifying whole increases.
The more we are at peace with ourselves, just so much more is the world at peace: the more we are united with others in the freedom of love, just so much more is it a world freedom.

Jon Gleur

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