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Kids Korner

Sammy Squirrel

Sammy says; I've just got back from an Army appreciation course in the woods. You know sometimes I wonder about you humans, I mean, your education systems and your many institutions promote the idea brotherhood, friendship, fellow travelling and non aggression. Then when your kids just get used to the idea you take them on Army training courses and teach the opposite.

The 1000 yard stare

It's no wonder that some people end up with messed-up minds. I mean, when a person has spent 10 or 20 years feeling distrustful and hateful towards an "enemy" just how are they going to be fully integrated back into society when they leave the Army. I spoke to an ex-soldier the other day and he told me "They turn you from a normal human being into a killing machine and then when you leave the Army they expect you to be normal again."

World Peace


A Code of Humanity from The Creative Group, World Synthesis Center, U.S.A.

  1. I choose to communicate truth.
  2. I choose the reality of life.
  3. I choose to heal, not hurt.
  4. I choose education over ignorance.
  5. I choose the power of peace.
  6. I choose to love God (good) and see him in all mankind.
  7. I choose to seek the soul in all things.
  8. I choose to link to the world of inspiration.
  9. I choose the principle of sharing.
  10. I choose to become a co-creator of life and live it more abundantly.

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