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Peggy Barnes - Think Peace, Peace, Peace ...

We have prayed for wars to cease and for men to live in harmony, victorious over greed, intolerance and lust. Our prayers have not been answered. Why? It is logical for us to believe that no chain can be stronger than its weakest link. It therefore behooves us to strengthen the single link that we may have a stronger chain. If we desire victory over carnal things, we must begin with self; if we desire a better country, we must first be better citizens; if we desire victory over war and hatred , we must first think the thoughts and do the deeds that help to create these conditions. As an individual, you are responsible for the kind of thoughts you send out to form a part of the mass consciousness that sways material conditions. If you wish for a peaceful world, you must vigilantly guard your mind that thoughts of strife and hatred may not enter in. Think peace, peace peace. Eventually, if enough minds send out vibrations of peace, peace is bound to dominate the mass consciousness and become universal.

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