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Oh Man of Peace - Al Fresco

Oh man what a magnificent creature you are. You say you want peace. Well it seems to me you have peace most of the time. You say "live and let live".Yet you do your utmost to control others behaviour. You say you are happy with little yet you continually strive to increase the size of your empire with materialism, possessions, harems and money accumulation. Do you not see that your endless searching is but a spiritual deficiency. Will you not connect to The Real instead of getting lost in the material illusion - in the 'Maya'.

Peace is with you now if you will but look deep within. The Peace of God passes all understanding. It is beyond the material, it stands perfectly still in the centre of you being. In meditation you can find it. Your still centre. When you have found YOUR TRUE SELF then your endless wanderings in the sensuous desires and emotions will cease. BE like the Yogi. Connect to The Real. And then Peace shall be upon you. TO BE, OR NOT TO BE, that is the question. Be what your birthright allows, connect to The Real.

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