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K.E.W. for Peace

This planet Earth is a training ground for the Spirit. Each individual has a purpose - to get their own spirit instead of borrowing the spirit of someone else and thereby being independent. 'Borrowing a spirit until getting one of our own.' This condition gives rise to the sin of (missing the point of) envy and covetousness.

We are given a choice of two programmes to use, at conception, to get our own spirit.

1.     The way of the warrior.

This person fights for everything. If they fight obviously, they are the toughies, manipulators and they are respected. On the physical level they fight for personal possessions, anything from a sibling's toy when young, to a road to move along in freedom even if it means taking over another's country. This of course leads to enslavement of those who disagree and the installation of Fear, which is the easiest and quickest way to ensure the co-operation of the masses.

On an emotional level this person fights constantly to maintain their position of fear because the human race has an unfortunate habit of producing free radicals who have no fear.

On a mental level this person has to be one jump ahead of the free radicals, attracting to the cause those who are evil - born with no fear and only caring for their own power. The sins (missing the point) of pride and lust.

2.     The way of the pacifist.

This person avoids conflict. They are called a coward if they are obviously seen to avoid conflict and called an adept if clever enough to adapt to circumstances without being obvious. On a physical level they are the collaborators, politicians and ambassadors of the world. They should remain neutral in all their dealings with possessions, people and circumstances.

On an Emotional level they should detach from all possessions, people and circumstances but at the same time care for their welfare.

On a Mental level their detachment should allow them to project present patterns so that the potential Will-to-Good can be fulfilled.

This, as a Human species gives us a clear choice of action. The way of the Warrior can be a tireless campaigner for a peaceful state and the pacifist can learn to fight cleverly through legal channels for a less painful way to learn. We all need our own spirit which enables us to make informed choices and this Earth is the training ground we have chosen. How we utilise both the training and the ground is our choice.

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