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Enter the Tank - Dateline 15th September 1916.
Thirty two massive steel "landships" lumbered into action on the Somme today, rolling over the German trenches and apparently impervious to the German machine-gun fire. Two hours later the British and Canadian infantry had advanced 7 miles and taken thousands of prisoners. The fearsome new weapon code named the Tank is the Brainchild of Winston Churchill, Britain's First Lord of the Admiralty. Bristling with guns, the armour plated monsters weigh nearly 20 tons and run at 4 mph on rolling steel tracks. It takes four men to steer them. Hundreds of tanks are being built in Britain.

Out of the Dust
Out of the dust of him who dies
This time let no avenger rise,
But somehow, someday, soon or late,
Since all things change and wax and wane,
And happiness is the child of pain,
May it not be that those born after,
Because we lived and for them died
Led by hope, not by hate or pride
Shall grow wise and return to laughter
R C Trevelyan
White Rose Yet the rose has one powerful virtue to boast above all the flowers of the field.
When its leaves are all dead and the fine colors are lost.
Still how sweet a perfume it will yield.

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