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Winning in the Human Race.

Success does not mean the accumulation of wealth, the maintenance of position, or supremacy of power. Success means a life free from the burden of anxiety and liberated from the shadow of fear. Therefore, I know that as I give I receive, and as I receive I give. There is an every increasing abundance going out and coming into my experience, and new opportunities are ever opening up before me.

I live in the very presence of expanding possibilities, and as I identify myself with the omnipotent Life principle within me that knows nothing but success, and the results of my desires and endeavours, are made certain of successful outcome.

Always I am put in touch with the right people, with right ideas, and right action. There is no hurry and there is no delay. All conditions and events conspire, by the Law of Attraction, to reflect back to the sure acceptance of my success, in my relationships, the quality of my environment, in every aspect of my life experience. I accept success, unify with success. I am success. And so it is.

Jon Gleur

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