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We sit, we watch: Images of the Passing Parade.


We come, we go, and in between we try to understand.

Rod Steiger

We are born to quest and seek after truth,
To possess it belongs to a Greater power.


To the wise, the path of life goes upwards

Prov. 15.24

If you do not
Raise your eyes
You will think
You are the highest point

A Porchia

We're all of us guinea pigs
In the laboratory of God
Humanity is just a work in progress.

Tennessee Williams

It is only with the heart
That one can see rightly
What is essential
Is invisible to the eye.

Antoine de saint-expery

If there is one sole source of everything
There is one sole end of everything
Everything through Him
Everything for Him.


Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting,
The soul that rises with us, our life's star
Hath had elsewhere its setting, and cometh from afar.
Not in entire forgetfulness and not in utter nakedness
But trailing clouds of glory do we come From God who is our home.

William Wordsworth

Mans progress is but a gradual discovery
That his questions have no meaning

Antoine de saint-expery

The One remains, the many change and pass
Heavens light forever shines, earth shadows fly,
Life, like a dome of many-colored glass,
stains the white radiance of eternity
Until death tramples it to fragments

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