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Peace Testimony


The Cosmopolitans Charter is a charter for peace and toleration for everyone. YOUR signature is required. The Cosmopolitans Charter is a PERSONAL DECLARATION that -

* The World is a wonderful place and everything that exists has a place in it. The World was made in Love and love should be the trait I aim at Universally - as confirmed by the scriptures. I am a child of the Universe and have a God given right to be here. Each individual has a God given right to find their own way to their maker.
The Quest to the Godhead is a personal matter.

* Change is inevitable and is built into the Universe, but change does not have to be initiated by violence. The path of violence and war is not a path of love but is a path of ignorance. The way of non-toleration is a falsehood which I denounce and reject. The route of war, based on ignorance of other peoples cultures is a path of ignorance, that brings in its wake death, destruction, disease, famine, pain and suffering.

* Time moves on. The age of transportation and communications, is now being replace by The Information Age and the spread of Global Information and knowledge. This is inevitable and should be welcomed. The Information Age presents the opportunity of replacing ignorance and narrow-mindedness with knowledge, science and Universal Love on an ever increasing scale. The way of growth and development of consciousness involves replacing fear with love. If love cannot be realised immediately then toleration and acceptance of difference should be persued. The principle of "Live, and let live" is the only acceptable long-term policy for an increasingly interdependent world civilisation.

* The rule of law should apply to every person, but law breakers must be treated with love (Divine Law requires unconditional Love) not revenge. Co-operation and help not competition and separation should be the goal of individuals and institutions.

* Let each individual take responsibility for their actions.

Let each person sign THE COSMOPOLITANS CHARTER to affirm their own commitment to the future with a new way - A denouncement and rejection of violence and war as an option and the embracing of

I now formally declare that from this day onwards -
  1. I shall love far and wide.
  2. I shall greet every person with the same Divine worth as I acknowledge myself as having.
  3. I shall follow the golden rule in my personal actions.
  4. I shall not discriminate regarding race, color or creed, and acknowledge that god loves all peoples and so shall I.
  5. I acknowledge that peace is the Natural state for mankind. To live and let live.
  6. I acknowledge that the peaceful way is the only rational way for mankind to go.
  7. I know how pain hurts from personal experience and would not wish to add to the misery of the world by inflicting pain on any person.
  8. I acknowledge that non-peaceful persons should undergo treatment and such treatment should be given in love and humanely given under state supervision.

I now formerly sign THE COSMOPOLITANS CHARTER - showing myself to be a child of the universe and acknowledging the right of every other child of the universe as having their own path to tread which I will not interfere with in a violent way.

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